Hello, I’m Ally, and welcome to Allspice & Ally! As you can probably guess, I love food— cooking food, eating food, and now blogging about food. If you love unexpected flavor combinations and fun recipes, you’ll feel right at home here. It’s a running joke in my house that I add curry powder or ginger to everything (carrot cake with curry cream cheese frosting anyone?)


Am I obsessed with food? Yes, shamelessly yes. To me, food is more than fuel. Food is an outlet for creativity and an expression of love. Few things make me happier than sharing a meal with friends and family. And it’s even better when I can add a little something extra to make a dish super special. I hope this blog will inspire you to dress up your dinner and make a memorable meal!


I started Allspice & Ally a few months after I graduated from college.  However, I dreamed up many of the recipes posted here long before the site went live.  Lamb Rogan Josh Shepard’s Pie?  Sitting in the office over the summer.  Mai fun mac ‘n cheese?  Made the night before I moved out during my sophomore year of college.  French onion soup dumplings?  Probably in eighth grade.


The inspiration for my recipes comes everywhere.  Sometimes I try to incorporate my friends’ and family’s favorite foods.  Other times I build a recipe around an ingredient or dish I’ve always wanted to use.  Some ideas come from books, movies, and television.  Not going to lie, brainstorming to “Chopped” is so much fun.  Occasionally I’m inspired by restaurant menus (ohmygoodness I still daydream about the fig + almond + ricotta ravioli my mom ordered on Arthur Ave in the Bronx).


People say more isn’t always better, but I still like to push the envelope on flavor.  More might not always be better, but sometimes it can 😉


Dumpling Border


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