The Recipe Revolution

Whether they be trapped behind an LCD screen or imprisoned between pages, I’m working to free all those mouthwatering morsels you daydream about.

Fiction can no longer contain food so I ask: are you prepared to raise a whisk in defiance?

Whet your knives and whet your appetites, join me in the Recipe Revolution today!


~ Literary Licks (inspired by literature)
~ Storied Spoonful (inspired by television & movies)
~ Just a Byte (inspired by anime, manga & video games)

Is there a fictional food you think is in dire need of help?  Submit your mission suggestion in the form below.  Priority goes to those with a compelling reason and a specific location.  (For example, recipe recreations from television series need season and episode numbers.)

If your mission is chosen, I will let you know via e-mail so please use a valid e-mail address.
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